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  • Toolbar code to easily change a document field

    Karsten Lehmann  7 March 2009 12:07:33
    Here is a tool that I often use to modify fields an a selected document. No Java solution (yet), simple @-formula code that you can just paste into a newly created toolbar icon of your Lotus Notes client. I've only tested with R8 so far, but I think it should also work in R7.

    After the "installation" of the icon, select a document and click on the icon:

    Image:Toolbar code to easily change a document field

    Here you can choose which field you would like to change or - as an alternative - you can create a new one.

    Image:Toolbar code to easily change a document field

    Enter the value of the field. Use "~" to separate values of lists.

    Image:Toolbar code to easily change a document field

    The last step is to define the data type of the field. In most cases, the right value should be preselected.

    Please Note:

    This is an expert tool. You may damage your Notes application logic if you change the wrong field values.

    Alternative for Notes R8:

    An alternative for read only access on the document fields is the Domiclipse DocViewer plugin.
    You can find it here.

    So, finally here is the code for the toolbar icon:

    unid:= @Text(@DocumentUniqueID);

    theField := @Prompt([OkCancelList]; "Change Field"; "Select Field"; ""; "":"*new field*":@DocFields);

    isNewField := @If(theField="*new field*";"1";"0");

    theField := @If(theField="*new field*";

    @Prompt([OkCancelEdit]; "New field name"; "Name of the new field"; "fieldname");theField);

    currValueTemp:= @If( @IsAvailable(theField); @GetDocField(unid; theField); isNewField="1" &theField!="";""; "errorTemp" );

    currValue:= @If( @IsError(currValueTemp); "errorValue"; @Implode(@Text(currValueTemp);"~") );

    theValue := @Prompt([OkCancelEdit]; "Change field"; "New value: use '~' separator for lists (*remove* to remove the field)."; currValue);

    currTypeSingle:= @If( @IsNumber(currValueTemp); "Number"; @IsTime(currValueTemp); "Time"; "Text" );

    currType:= currTypeSingle + @If(@Elements(currValueTemp)>1;" List";"");

    theType := @If(theValue="*remove*";"Text";

    @Prompt([OkCancelList]; "Change field"; "Data Type"; currType; "Text" : "Time" : "Number" : "Text List" : "Number List" : "Time List"));


    theValue = "*remove*";

    @SetField(theField; @DeleteField);

    theType = "Time";

    @SetField(theField; @TextToTime(theValue));

    theType = "Number";

    @SetField(thefield; @TextToNumber(theValue));

    theType = "Text List";

    @SetField(theField; @Trim(@Explode(theValue;"~")));

    theType = "Number List";

    @SetField(theField; @TextToNumber(@Explode(@Trim(@ReplaceSubstring(theValue;" ";""));"~")));

    theType = "Time List";

    @SetField(theField; @TextToTime(@Explode(theValue;"~")));

    @SetField(theField; @Text(theValue))



    1Karsten Lehmann  25.07.2012 08:51:12  Toolbar code to easily change a document field

    Just found two alternative solutions for toolbar actions to change fields in the following blog posts:


    { Link }

    The second solution is very powerful, it works with multiple selected documents and has various field value modification operations as well.