MindPlan from our partner Haus Weilgut GmbH

  • Visual teamwork

    Since 2004 we develop and support the project management and mindmapping solution MindPlan1 for our partner Haus Weilgut GmbH.

    In 2008 MindPlan has been awarded a visionary software with IBM's Lotus-Award TCO and won the "Innovationspreis der Initiative Mittelstand" (Award for innovation of the initiative for medium-sized businesses) in the category knowledge management in 2005 and 2007.

    With MindPlan you can

    • Express & firm up your ideas
    • Structure projects in no time
    • Lead teams efficiently
    • Plan activities and their sequencing
    • Manage resources & meetings
    • organize information centrally
    • Track project progress
  • MindPlan ist a project management software that is especially designed for projects in „daily business“.

    Structure and visualize your first ideas simply and quickly in a mindmap. Regardless of working alone or in a team, in real or virtual team work.

    Group activities to work packages and record all relevant meeting and workshop dates.

    Afterwards, use the Gantt Chart view to extend your structure to a detailed sequence, date and resource planning.

    1 MindPlan is a registered trademark of Haus Weilgut GmbH

  • You can find more information at the MindPlan website