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  • Beta version of XPages2Eclipse available: Development toolkit for XPages in the Notes Client

    Karsten Lehmann  29 June 2011 09:10:37
    It's been quite silent in this blog since the last posting in March, but we had a good reason to concentrate on our work:

    Today we are releasing the first public beta version of a new XPages development toolkit to the public!

    It's called XPages2Eclipse, a language extension for XPages development in the Lotus Notes Client 8.5.2 and higher.

    With XPages2Eclipse, XPages applications become first class citizens in the Lotus Notes Client.

    The toolkit contains a variety of APIs that developers can leverage to connect their XPages applications to the Eclipse-based Notes Client UI, classic Lotus Notes applications and even communicate with IBM Lotus Symphony R3, all from server-side JavaScript (SSJS) code.

    Here are only a few features that the toolkit has to offer:
    • Embed existing Notes applications: fill in Notes forms and Emails with data from XPages applications, access documents selected in classical Notes views, run existing LotusScript code
    • Import or export of data from IBM Lotus Symphony, supporting documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    • Execute document attachments with associated desktop-applications (for Windows, Linux and Mac OS)
    • Access the system clipboard to store HTML, text, images or files
    • Execute long-running operations in the background, display their progress and let the user cancel the operation if necessary
    • Convenient features like file selection, including multi-selection, and folder selection
    • Launch JavaScript code on Notes Client startup, when a toolbar button is clicked and on specific UI events like focus changes in the Client
    • Develop servlets using Javascript and Java with code stored in NSF
    To get more information, download a beta version and find a lot of documentation with demo applications please visit the XPages2Eclipse product area on our website:

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